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Who is this for?  The Initial Consultation (IC) is for families who are beginning the college admissions journey and are looking for expert advice to evaluate and organize the process. An IC evaluates the student’s potential and direction, providing a solid road map for the student’s path to college.

Advantages:  In the IC, parents and students will receive expert advice from an experienced college coach and a game plan for the student to efficiently navigate the college selection and admissions process.

Optimal Start:  Any time.

Cost:  $750 *

* If you choose to purchase a package after your consultation, this consultation fee will be applied towards your purchase.

Before Junior Year:

Who is this for?  The Academic Planning and Resume Package (APRP) is for students and families looking to stay ahead of the curve with their college admissions preparation.  In the APRP our professionals conduct two major steps:  development of a formal list of colleges for early consideration, and preparation of Professional Tutoring’s highly successful Student Resume.

Advantages:   In the APRP, students receive excellent guidance along their journey through high school toward college.  Our students consistently impress high school teachers, guidance counselors, and college admissions officers and are often praised for their preparation, organization.  The preparation pays off both in admissions and scholarships!

Optimal Start:  6th grade to first-semester 11th grade.

Cost:  $2000

For Juniors and Seniors:

Who is this for? The Go-Getter is our entry-level College Coaching package. It is designed for the typical student and family who are seeking a solid champion to guide them through the college admissions process. The Go-Getter covers the college admissions journey from the initial consultation to the college search process and student resume, to writing that first essay, to interviews, visits, merit aid and college selection.

Advantages:  The Go-Getter provides a high level of professional support. College choices are narrowed to target schools. Includes attendance at all Professional Tutoring workshops. Student resume and one college essay are evaluated, edited and polished by experts in the field. This is our most cost-effective package.

Optimal Start:  11th grade.

Cost:  $4,000 

Who is this for?  The All-Inclusive is our most popular College Coaching package. This package is for families seeking full-service support in navigating the college admissions process. This is designed for the student who is in the beginning phases of self-discovery and needs significant guidance in every step from resume development to essays to Total Application Organization to merit aid options. This package will alleviate family stress and anxiety.

Advantages:  Almost the entire college admissions experience is out-sourced for the family. The Professional Tutoring college coach works closely with the student to ensure completion of college applications, thereby circumventing many of the power struggles inherent in every procrastinator’s family. This package also includes attendance at all workshops, a 1-hour intensive essay development session, edits for two essays, and Total Application Organization (TAO).

Optimal Start:  11th grade.

Cost:  $4,500

Who is this for?  The Elite Applicant Package is designed for high-achieving students who intend to apply to the most selective universities, including the members of the Public and Private Ivy Leagues.  The Elite Applicant program supports these singular students in developing a top applicant profile including three of the strongest admissions, honors and scholarship essays.  Elite applicants will have one to two mock interviews in preparation for rigorous private interviews on college campuses and for scholarship competitions. 

Advantages:  PTCCS works individually with students to develop a central branding message and consolidate the overwhelming number of essays required by the most competitive universities and programs.  The Elite Applicant Package also offers a mock interview, a 1-hour intensive essay development session, edits for three essays and two short-answer questions, a choice of a second mock interview or essay brainstorming session, and our Total Application Organization (TAO) program. This is our most comprehensive package.

Optimal Start:  11th grade.

 Cost:  $5,500

Don't see your specific needs covered here? Check out our Add-on Services, which cover everything from mock interviews to more essay help to US Service Academy applications.