College Coaching: Elite Applicant Package

Who is this for?  The Elite Applicant Package is our most popular package. It is designed for high-achieving students who intend to apply to the most competitive universities, including the members of the Public and Private Ivy Leagues. The Elite Applicant Package supports these singular students in developing a top applicant profile including the strongest of admissions, honors and scholarship essays. Elite applicants will have one or more mock interviews in preparation for rigorous private interviews on college campuses and for scholarship competitions. 


Client deliverables generally include:


  • Kick-off Meeting: 2-hour informational presentation that outlines the college admissions process as it specifically relates to the Professional Tutoring College Coaching Program, including steps and deadlines.


  • Initial Consultation: A 1.5-2-hour expert consultation to evaluate the student’s academic, social, athletic and financial needs. Also considered are the family’s expectations and needs concerning college decisions. Student will leave with a road map to college including course selection, test planning, activity cohesion, career research for major/course consideration, and a preliminary list of colleges.


  • CSDM: A 1-hour meeting with student to develop a College Selection Decision Matrix outlining up to 30 potential colleges for consideration listing average required SAT/ACT scores, GPA, student/teacher ratio, male/female student body ratio, majors, athletics, and other qualitative and quantitative data points; ranked by admissions probability (Safety, Attainable or Reach).


  • Student Resume Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s) on the creation and development of a strong Student Resume: a unique personal marketing document valued by college admissions officers.


  • Resume Review and Editing: Educational, volunteer and activity consulting to reinforce student resume and enhance marketing themes. Includes the editing of a 1st, 2nd, and final draft.


  • Application Completion PackageA comprehensive organizational system designed to help organize all application materials. Includes two two-hour meetings: Total Application Organization, a group meeting and organizing session for student and parents, and an Application Working Session, a meeting for students to begin their online applications.


  • Interview Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s) on how to make the best impression during college visits, admissions or scholarship interviews, and meetings with admissions officers and other school representatives.


  • Essay Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s). Students leave with a strategy to complete college application essays, an outline of an essay, and the knowledge of what makes a good application essay.


  • Essay Working Session: 1-hour meeting (in person or online) to review essay prompts, go over editing skills, brainstorm essay ideas, create a plan of action designed to consolidate and limit the number of essays to be written, and work on current essay drafts.


  • Essay Review and Editing: Support, guidance, and editing of three college admissions/honors/merit/scholarship essays and two short-answer question essays. Includes the editing of 1st and 2nd drafts and a review of the final draft. Students may choose to substitute two short answers (100 words or fewer) for one essay.


  • Mock Interview: A full practice interview including 30-minute interview coaching, 30-minute mock interview, and detailed report covering all aspects of the student’s mock interview from handshake to voice timbre to answers to interview questions.


  • Student's Choice - Second Mock Interview or Essay Working Session: Student may choose between either a second practice interview with more advanced questions, or a second Essay Working Session.


  • Merit Aid Prospectus (MAP) – Dollars and Deadlines: Research in a spreadsheet report for up to six safety and attainable target colleges. Provides an up-to-date summary of the scholarships available at each school, and how and when to qualify for them.

  • Advocacy: Julia Ross and PTCCS will represent the student’s strengths and passions to college admissions officers, as appropriate, through phone calls, emails, and in-person visits.


  • Support: Services include: follow-up questions, emails, phone calls, research, college admissions contact, etc.


  • The Official Julia Ross College Admissions Handbook, 2020.


  • No substitutions: The Elite Applicant Package includes the deliverables listed above; substitutions of service are not permitted.


Advantages: PTCCS works individually with students to develop a central branding message and consolidate the overwhelming number of essays required by the most competitive universities and programs.  The Elite Applicant Package also offers a 1.5- to 2-hour Initial Consultation, one or two mock interviews, one or two Essay Working Sessions, edits for three essays and two short-answer questions, and our Application Completion Package. This is our most comprehensive package.


Optimal Start:                     11th Grade.

Cost:                                      $5,750