College Coaching Ethics Statement

Professional Tutoring focuses on forming positive relationships with students and families, helping them to succeed both academically and socially as they journey from elementary school through college graduation. The Professional Tutoring credo is “Competence builds confidence.”  We believe that prepared students will have the greatest confidence in each step of their journey. 


Founded in 1994 by owner, Julia Ross, Professional Tutoring, as its name suggests, was first created to provide extra support to struggling students. Today, Professional Tutoring helps hundreds of students each year through its three flagship programs: Tutoring, SAT/ACT Preparation, and College Coaching. Our staff designed and continues to refine these programs to guide students through the biggest challenges they will face in their academic careers.


As primary and secondary education culminates in the college search and admissions process, we at Professional Tutoring place a lot of emphasis on college admissions. The Professional Tutoring College Coaching process begins with a two-hour Initial Consultation. From there, each student meets individually with one of our college coaches to develop a personalized College Selection Decision Matrix. Students go on to attend Resume, Essay and Interview Workshops.


Professional Tutoring’s strong policy of ethics is critical to forming trusted relationships with students, parents, and admissions officers alike.


Professional Tutoring will:


  • Support students in the application process by delineating safety, attainable and reach schools for each student.

  • Advise and support students in the merit aid and scholarship processes.

  • Outline the importance of punctuality and meeting deadlines throughout the admissions process.

  • Help students develop strong essays and resume, based on real experiences, grades, and scores.

  • Support students in the application process, by editing Student Resumes, essays, and correspondence with colleges.

  • Encourage students to be honest with colleges about intended majors and work hard to find the right fit for every student.

  • Encourage students to be respectful to all colleges, and once accepted, notify all other schools of the final decision.

  • Advise students to accept admission to and submit a deposit to ONLY one school.


Professional Tutoring will not:

  • Guarantee acceptance, merit aid or scholarships to any college program.

  • Track specific college deadlines and submission dates for individual students.

  • Write college essays or resumes on behalf of a student.

  • Mislead a college about a student’s intended major just to get the student into that college.

  • Support fabricated material submitted in essays, resumes or applications.

  • Tell more than one college that it is the student’s first choice.

  • Endorse the placing of double deposits on schools.

We are proud of each of our students and proud of our 90% college acceptance rate (significantly above the national average)!