College Coaching Add-On: Intensive Essay Development

Who is this for? The College Coaching Program offers Intensive Essay Development for students who need extra help and encouragement drafting college and scholarship essays beyond essay review and editing. Support varies depending on student needs but begins with a meeting (in person or by phone) to review essay prompts, brainstorm essay ideas, and create a plan of action.  This program is particularly helpful for students who are overwhelmed at the idea of writing an essay or for students who are writing multiple essays and need help coordinating a plan of action. This add-on can be used with any of the College Coaching Packages.  The All-Inclusive and Elite Applicant Packages include one and two hours, respectively, of online or in-person support for intensive essay development.


Client Deliverables Include:


  • Review of Essay Workshop documents.

  • Meeting to review essay prompts and brainstorm essay ideas.

  • Develop a plan of action for multiple essays to consolidate the number to be written.

  • Help to choose topics that can be used to respond to multiple essay prompts.

  • Choosing topics to illustrate a student’s unique talents and gifts.

  • Skills for editing existing essays.

  • Discuss the efficient use of prompts and personal stories.


Advantages: Students are often stumped by the idea of writing an essay about themselves, and even more unclear on what will impress a college. Hours are lost as students struggle to even start a college or scholarship essay.  We work with students to make this process easier, guiding students to choose topics that will illustrate their unique talents and gifts and then helping them draft a polished essay. PTCCS will work with them as they research a college to write essays that show they are a right fit. We will also guide students in choosing topics that they can use in response to multiple prompts, limiting the number of essays they have to write.


Hourly Rate:  $275.


Estimated Time:  Varies according to client needs.


Optimal Start:  Varies according to client needs. All essays must be drafted and submitted to PTCCS for review at least two weeks prior to application deadline.

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