College Coaching Add-On: Mock Interview

Who is this for? Professional Tutoring College Coaching students can purchase the Mock Interview as a check-up to improve interview skills to prepare for scholarship competitions or special programs like medical admissions.  Other students might need to prepare for additional admissions interviews. The Mock Interview Add-on provides a more formal, one-on-one interview as a follow up to the Interview Workshop component of the Go-Getter and All-Inclusive Packages. The Mock Interview is included in the Elite Applicant Package.


Client Deliverables Include:

  • Detailed preparation checklist.

  • Worksheet for research.

  • Development of goal for the interview.

  • Emphasis on a specific area of interest.

  • Advice about scholarship competitions, when applicable.

  • Information concerning programs of interest, when applicable.

  • Includes advanced interview questions.

  • 30-minute interview.

  • Detailed interview report.


Advantages: The Mock Interview includes 30 minutes of interview coaching and a 30-minute mock interview.  The Mock Interview also gives extra preparation to students applying to elite or competitive programs such as scholarship competitions or guaranteed medical programs. Students gain interview skills that bolster their self-confidence for important meetings in the college application process.  Following the interview, a comprehensive mock interview report will be provided.


Cost:  $300.


Estimated Time:  1.5 to 2 hours

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