College Coaching Add-On: Reserve Officers' Training Corp (ROTC)

Client Deliverables Include:

  • Evaluation of student’s ROTC potential, including 4-year scholarship possibilities.

  • Guidance, support, and evaluation of ROTC programs and the application process.

  • Evaluation of ROTC-specific schools especially the six U.S. Senior Military Colleges (SMC’s – VMI, Citadel, VA Tech, Texas A&M, North Georgia, and Norwich).

  • Specific resume evaluation for leadership and athletics.

  • Extra-curricular placement and support.

  • Development of one specialized essay.

  • Support in obtaining references.

  • Support and guidance in Letter of Recommendation Requests.

  • Interview preparation 

  • Advocacy with ROTC and Admissions Officers. 


Advantages: The United States ROTC Program offers excellent education, career and scholarship potential to our future military and business leaders.  PTCSS leads students through the application process and supports decision-making with the many ROTC programs and opportunities.  We help students to evaluate themselves honestly and fairly and consider their future at a young age.  We also support students in considering the ROTC scholarship and non-scholarship (no military commitment) programs.  ROTC scholarships generally cover all tuition, books and related fees AND provide students with a monthly stipend. 


Optimal Start Time: Spring Junior Year.


Cost:        $500

Who is this for? The Professional Tutoring College Coaching Services supports students who are interested in participating in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) whether as a scholarship student or a non-scholarship student (for up to two years).  The United States Military offers ROTC in three service branches:  the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Navy (with Marine option).  Professional Tutoring guides students through the ROTC process including the Counselor Certification, Personal Statement, Physical Fitness Assessment and interview.  Students are evaluated on the basis of grades and board scores, high school transcripts, athletics, activities, and leadership.  ROTC potential is balanced with other college consideration.

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