College Coaching Add-On: Total Application Organization

Who is this for? The Professional Tutoring College Coaching Services offers our very popular Total Application Organization Program (TAO) to all students.  TAO provides excellent structure and organization to support the influx of paperwork and deadlines that mount during the college selection and application process.  Parents need help getting a handle on all this too! This service is included in the All-Inclusive and Elite Applicant Packages.


Client Deliverables Include:

  • A comprehensive organizational system designed by a Ph.D. college professor to help organize all application materials.

  • Detailed spreadsheet to track all college information, applications, and deadlines.

  • Step by step instructions for both parents and students on navigating the application process.

  • Expert advice on gathering and protecting the personal information required for applications.

  • “To-do” list for each college.

  • Instruction on how to avoid frequent application errors.

  • Advice for completing applications for eight target colleges.

  • Guidance on seeking the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

  • Advice on fostering a relationship with admissions officers.

  • Materials to use for college visits.

  • A workshop for families to receive materials, information and guidance.


Advantages: We will make sure all requirements are charted, deadlines are noted and plans are made.  Your student will be given TAO materials created by Professional Tutoring that will increase efficiency and decrease stress.  The family stresses and push/pull will decrease exponentially!  This approach provides common ground for student, parents and PTCCS staff to keep up with progress.


Program Length: 2-hour workshop for student and parent(s)


Cost:       $350


*Note that all programs have a final TAO deadline provided at program commencement. TAO Program services do not include Service Academy or ROTC applications.

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