Why Choose Professional Tutoring College Coaching?

The process of choosing and applying to college can be overwhelming. Here at Professional Tutoring, LLC, our staff has been working with students to navigate this process for 26 years. Julia Ross, owner and operator of Professional Tutoring, has cultivated her own network of admissions officers at schools across the country. Julia is a member of several college admissions professional and ethical organizations, including NACAC, AACRAO, IECA, and HECA.

Our team uses their knowledge and experience to actively market the student to the college admissions officers, leveraging the student’s unique abilities and talents to gain college admission, scholarships, and tuition reductions (yes, reductions!). We are proud to say that every student we have worked with has gained acceptance to multiple schools. We invite you to experience our extraordinary results! Give your student a senior year with significantly decreased pressure from the college admissions process, letting them enjoy their last year of high school and making that transition to young adulthood more enjoyable for the whole family.


The College Coaching Process -- How we can help

  • Choosing Your Schools


The transition from high school to college is not clear cut; there is no one correct route.  Variables include not only high school classes, grades, SAT/ACT scores and extra-curricular activities, but personalities, abilities, and the parents’ financial situation.  With over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States offering millions of dollars in scholarship money yearly, the possibilities become seemingly endless.  At Professional Tutoring, the daunting selection process is narrowed down to an optimal number of colleges selected specifically to fit your student’s needs. We address the student as an individual with unique interests, talents, and developmental opportunities to ensure the best college fit with the greatest potential scholarships.

  • Applying to Schools

At Professional Tutoring, we help you streamline the application process into achievable steps with attainable goals and deadlines.  We work with students to develop a cohesive admissions marketing package, highlighting their strengths and passions, identifying weaknesses and guiding students and families to strengthen them.  We will guide your student through writing that first essay, drafting a student resume, preparing for college visits and interviews, etc., ensuring high-quality results that maintain the student’s authenticity.  Your student will come across as competent, fully prepared and entirely themselves – not “coached.” 

  • Paying for School--Scholarships and more

As parents of college students, we know the financial burden college can demand.  We will explore opportunities for merit scholarships and grant money with you, helping you and your student maximize their chances for receiving scholarships.  Many students, even with an average GPA, can uncover some scholarship money.  The money earned in scholarships can be the equivalent of paying for coaching services many times over!  We understand that education is an investment in your student’s future and we have the experience, dedication, and resources to ensure you receive maximum returns. 

To see what other Professional Tutoring students have earned in scholarship money, check out our Honor Roll!

Which of our packages is right for you?

We offer three different packages in our College Coaching Program that cater to a wide variety of students' needs. Each student is unique and may require a different level of service. All the college coaching services were developed through years of experience and research and are carefully crafted to optimize your student’s/family's time and deliver maximum results. 


To learn more about what each program includes and decide which one is the right fit for you, compare our different packages here.

Yolanda Thomas working one-on-one with a College Coaching Student