Who is this for? The College Transfer Coaching service is for the undergraduate student seeking to transfer into a new college setting.  This can be a community college student seeking a four-year university placement or a current undergraduate student looking to transfer from one four-year university to another.  It is designed for families looking for expert advice to evaluate and organize the transfer process. 


Advantages: As any college transfer process is a very individual matter, the coaching process is case-specific.  The two options for this PTCCS service are a full-service package or an a la carte service plan.  The College Transfer Coaching service may include an initial consultation, research, development of a spreadsheet with customized transfer college options, resume development, a mock interview, essay review, application advice and review, and professional consultation by Julia Ross and her staff.

Program Length: The full-service package includes up to 20 hours of service for the duration of the process.  The a la carte option allows the student to choose the services needed.  Generally, the process is less than three months.

Optimal Start: Prior to the beginning of the final semester at the current college.  Admission deadlines for transfer students are university specific.

Cost:    $4,000 for the 20-hour College Transfer Admissions Package

              $275 per hour for a la carte services

Julia Ross College Transfer