COLLEGE COACHING: Add-On and A la Carte Services

  • Additional Essay Review/Edit

Who is this for?  Over the past few years, almost every Professional Tutoring College Coaching student has sought essay help.  For this reason, the Go-Getter and All-Inclusive Programs include review of one and two admissions essays, respectively, and the Elite Applicant Program includes review of three admissions essays and two short answer questions (100 words or fewer).  Many students request additional help with college or scholarship essays.  We at Professional Tutoring pride ourselves on helping students to brainstorm and develop winning college essays while maintaining their own voice and authenticity.  Our students’ essays are well-thought-out, tightly edited, and error-free.


Advantages:  Unfortunately, most secondary students have not developed strong writing skills. Many students believe that their first draft should be their last draft. The admissions essay is one of the only components of the college admissions process that allows students to showcase their personalities.  A strong college admissions essay allows students to tie their cohesive “branding” message together for the school.


Cost:  $300 per essay (multiple packages may be purchased). Two short answer questions (100 words or fewer) may be substituted for one longer essay.

  • Total Application Organization Program

Who is this for?  The Professional Tutoring College Coaching Services offers our very popular Total Application Organization Program (TAO) to all students.  TAO provides excellent structure and organization to support the influx of paperwork and deadlines that mount during the college selection and application process.  Parents need help getting a handle on all this too! This service is included in the All-Inclusive and Elite Applicant Packages.


Advantages:  We will make sure all requirements are charted, deadlines are noted and plans are made.  Your student will be given TAO materials created by Professional Tutoring that will increase efficiency and decrease stress.  The family stresses and push/pull will decrease exponentially!  This approach provides common ground for student, parents and the PTCCS staff to keep up with progress.


Program Length: 2-hour workshop for student and parent(s)       


Cost:  $350

  • U.S. Service Academy Program

Who is this for?  PTCCS supports students who are interested in applying to any of the five United States Service Academies.  PTCCS guides students individually through the process including the application, interview, congressional/executive nomination, and other protocol unique to the U.S. Service Academies.  PTCCS researches the Academies’ admissions calendars and guidelines and updates our materials with changes.


Advantages:   Acceptance to one of our five premier National Service Academies is a life-changing opportunity.  The U.S. Service Academies’ education is valued at over $250,000 and is provided at NO COST to admitted students.  U.S. Service Academy graduates have career opportunities available to almost no one else. 


Optimal Start:  Fall/Winter of Junior Year.


Cost:  $1000

  • Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Program

Who is this for?   The Professional Tutoring College Coaching Services supports students who are interested in participating in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) whether as a scholarship student or a non-scholarship student.  Students are evaluated on the basis of grades and board scores, high school transcripts, athletics, activities, and leadership.  ROTC potential is balanced with other college considerations. 


Advantages:  The United States ROTC program offers excellent education, career, and scholarship potential to our future military and business leaders.  Professional Tutoring leads students through the application process and supports decision-making with the many ROTC programs and opportunities.  


Optimal Start:  Spring Junior Year.


Cost:  $500

  • Intensive Essay Development

Who is this for?  The College Coaching Program offers intensive essay support for students who need extra help and encouragement drafting college and scholarship essays beyond essay review and editing. Support varies depending on student needs but begins with a meeting (in person or by phone) to review essay prompts, brainstorm essay ideas, and create a plan of action.  This program is particularly helpful for students who are overwhelmed at the idea of writing an essay or for students who are writing multiple essays and need help coordinating a plan of action.  This add-on can be used with any of the College Coaching Packages. The All-Inclusive and Elite Applicant packages include 1 and 2 hours, respectively, of in-person support for intensive essay development.


Advantages:  Students are often stumped by the idea of writing an essay about themselves, and even more unclear on what will impress a college. Hours are lost as students struggle to even start a college or scholarship essay.  We work with students to make this process easier, guiding students to choose a topic that will illustrate their unique talents and gifts and then helping them draft a polished essay. PTCCS will work with them as they research a college to write essays that show they are the right fit. We will also guide students in choosing topics that they can use in response to multiple prompts, limiting the number of essays they have to write. 


Hourly Rate: $275


Estimated Time:  Varies according to client needs.


Optimal Start:  Varies according to client needs. All essays must be drafted and submitted to Professional Tutoring for review at least two weeks prior to application deadline.

  • Mock Interview

Who is this for?  Professional Tutoring College Coaching students can purchase the Mock Interview as a check-up to improve interview skills to prepare for scholarship competitions or special programs like medical admissions.  Other students might need to prepare for additional admissions interviews. The Mock Interview Add-on provides a more formal, one-on-one interview as a follow up to the Interview Workshop component of the Go-Getter and All-Inclusive Packages. The Mock Interview is included in the Elite Applicant Package.


Advantages:  The Mock Interview includes 30 minutes of interview coaching and a 30-minute formal interview session.  Students gain skills that bolster their self-confidence for important meetings in the college application process. Following the interview, a comprehensive mock interview report will be provided.


Cost: $300


Estimated Time:  1.5-2 hours.