Congratulations! You are ready for the next step in higher education.  Professional Tutoring is here to provide expert advice and a framework to pursue graduate school admission with an individual plan of action. Choose your steps in the Professional Tutoring Graduate School Coaching Program: Initial Consultation, program research, proprietary decision matrix, resume development, a mock interview, essay review, application advice and review. Students come to us in their undergraduate years, after graduation, and even after years of working. We will meet you wherever you are in your academic journey!


Program Length:  The full-service package includes up to 20 hours of service for the duration of the process.  The a la carte option allows the student to choose the services needed.  Generally, the process is less than three months.


Optimal Start: For the current undergraduate student the process should begin during the first semester of the senior year of college.  A college graduate should begin the process at least six months prior to the desired start of a program of study.    Admission deadlines for graduate programs are university specific.

Cost:    $4,000 for the 20-hour Graduate School Coaching Package

              $275 per hour for a la carte services

Julia Ross and 9 students visiting Duquesne University with the Pittsburgh skyline behind them