Professional Tutoring High School Coaching Services offers two major programs:  The Academic Planning and Resume Program (APRP), which focuses on early college preparation, and The High School Admissions Program (HSAP), which helps navigate the course through private or selective secondary school admissions.  Both programs begin with an Initial Consultation (IC) to establish direction and goals.

Preparing for College – Why you should start NOW

Unlike in years past, the road to college admissions begins in middle school.  Most elite colleges “recommend” five years of math and foreign language.  These courses must begin in middle school.  Colleges often quantify (count) students’ Honors, AP and IB courses.  Elite colleges prefer eight or more honors classes and at least eight AP or IB courses.  Course planning should begin by seventh or eighth grade.  Colleges also give significant weight to leadership, community service and athletic participation.    It is so important to develop a flexible road map for middle and high school.  As the old adage says, “you cannot get there if you do not know where you are going.” 

How we can help

The Academic Planning and Resume Program (APRP) supports students from sixth grade through the first semester of eleventh grade in developing academic, extra-curricular, athletics, leadership and community service opportunities to maximize the high school years and lead to college admissions.  Our APRP ensures that Professional Tutoring students enter and finish high school ahead of their peers.  Our “coachees” are among the tiny minority of students who plan for college and professional goals early in high school.    Professional Tutoring’s well-laid out process provides specific direction, steps and support, reducing stress for both students and families.  Our students do not fall through the proverbial cracks; Professional Tutoring students are armed with self-knowledge, early college consideration and visits, and a strong Student Resume. 

Staff with student, scheduling their Initial Consultation for college admission coaching.

Already completed our High School Coaching Program? Stay on track with our High School Check-up Program (HSCP). This program evaluates a student’s progress at critical junctures of high school to make sure they remain prepared. 

Eleventh and twelfth graders are eligible for Professional Tutoring’s College Coaching Services.

Private High School Admissions

The High School Admissions Program (HSAP) guides students and families through the highly competitive private school admissions process.  This program includes diagnostic admissions test planning (SSAT or HSPT), detailed discussion of potential secondary school (subsequently presented in a detailed spreadsheet), development of the highly successful Professional Tutoring Student Resume, admissions strategy, applications, essays, interviewing and touring.