High School Coaching: Secondary School Admissions

Who is this for?  The High School Admissions Program (HSAP) supports students and families in applying to private or secondary schools. In this extensive package, Professional Tutoring’s experienced staff helps students and families to navigate the course through private or selective secondary school admissions including admissions testing (SSAT and HSPT), Student Resume, applications, essays, interviewing and touring.


Client Deliverables generally include:


  • Initial Consultation: 1.5 hour expert consultation to evaluate the student’s academic, social, athletic and financial needs. Also considered are the family’s expectations and needs concerning college decisions. Student will leave with a personalized application strategy including course selection, test planning, activity cohesion, and a preliminary list of secondary schools.


  • HSSDM: A one-hour meeting with student to develop a High School Selection Decision Matrix outlining up to 10 potential schools for consideration listing grade levels, tuition, academic information, extracurricular opportunities, student/teacher ratio and admissions criteria; ranked by admissions probability (Safety, Attainable or Reach).


  • Student Resume Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s) on the creation and development of a strong student resume: a unique personal marketing document valued by admissions officers.


  • Resume Review and Editing: Educational, volunteer and activity consulting to reinforce student resume and enhance marketing themes. Includes the editing of a 1st, 2nd, and final draft.


  • Interview Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s) on how to make the best impression during campus visits, admissions or scholarship interviews, and meetings with admissions officers and other school representatives.


  • Essay Workshop: Workshop for student and parent(s). Students leave with a strategy to complete application essays, an outline of an essay, and the knowledge of what makes a good admissions essay.


  • Essay Review and Editing: Support, guidance and editing of one admissions/merit/scholarship essay. Includes the editing of a 1st, 2nd, and final draft.


  • Advocacy: Julia Ross and PTCCS will represent the student’s strengths and passions to high school admissions officers, as appropriate, through phone calls, emails and in-person visits.


  • Support: Services include: follow-up questions, emails, phone calls, research, admissions contact, etc.


  • The Official Julia Ross College Admissions Handbook, 2020.


  • No substitutions: The High School Admissions Program includes the deliverables listed above, substitutions of service are not permitted. Additional services must be purchased separately at our add-on or a la carte rate.


Advantages:  The HSAP provides extensive professional support. Secondary school choices are narrowed to target schools; students are well prepared with a Student Resume and a well-edited essay. Student submissions are evaluated, edited and polished. An interview workshop is held so that students are ready for campus visits.


Optimal Start Time:          End of 6th grade to 9th grade.


Cost:                                     $4000.00