Biography: René Garrett, PhD

Dr. René Garrett joined Professional Tutoring in September of 2009. Over this past year, Dr. G. has focused on College Coaching research and administration for Professional tutoring. With ten years of classroom experience, including as a college professor, Dr. Garrett has in-depth instructional experience. She attended three universities in Florida and completed three degrees in Curriculum and Instruction culminating with a doctorate from the University of Florida. Her research expertise is in the area of the effects of fluorescent lighting on human performance and the possible implications for classrooms.  In 1984, Dr. Garrett served as one of five U.S. Delegates to the International Olympic Academy.

In addition to having an impressive academic resume, Dr. Garrett is a committed wife and mother. She is married to Dr. Randy Garrett, a rocket scientist. Dr. Garrett has three children. Joel is a 2009 graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in biomedical engineering and plans to continue his studies in genetic engineering working toward a PhD. Stacey, the middle child, is a recent Robinson graduate (2009) and is continuing her on-going education in college. Dr. G’s youngest son, Nathan, is a Davis Center, a part of FCPS special education program.

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