Julia Ross Test Prep

Our SAT/ACT prep programs for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors range from four to nine months. Mrs. Ross has written her own educationally conservative and knowledge-based curriculum. The students work together in small groups, using her custom workbook, Conquering the SAT and ACT Exams with Julia Ross, along with the College Board's Official SAT Study Guide exams, the ACT's The Official ACT Prep Guide and a grammar review text. Score improvements correlate with the length of the course, generally ranging from 200 to 400 points on the SAT. Our average improvement on the ACT in our 2018-19 class was 5 points. In contrast, most other test preparation programs “guarantee” 100 to 150 points on the SAT or 2 points on the ACT.


The curriculum for the SAT and ACT exams includes:


Reading & Writing

  • Rhetoric & Synthesis

  • Analysis of Single and Paired Passages

  • Vocabulary Building



  • Heart of Algebra

  • Data Analysis

  • Geometry & Trig



  • Essay

  • Expression of Ideas

  • Standard English Conventions



  • Skills

  • Time Management

  • Pitfall Awareness

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