After the Exams: What's Next on Your College Admissions Journey

This session will place your SAT and ACT Exam scores in the larger context of the college admissions process. What’s the next step after the spring SAT and ACT Exams?  What role do national exam scores play in the college admissions process? What does it mean when a university labels its admissions “test optional”?

College Coaching season has started! Watch our Kick-Off Seminar Now

Thanks, everyone, for a great start to our College Coaching season! In case you missed it, here is a recording of the 2020-21 Professional Tutoring College Coaching Kick-Off Meeting, where we outline the college admissions process as it specifically relates to the Professional Tutoring College Coaching Program, including steps and deadlines. Learn more about how we help you get into college!

Webinar TONIGHT on SAT/ACT Changes

Join us for a webinar this evening on College Admissions and SAT/ACT changes in Light of COVID-19. This presentation will apply to 7th-12 graders. We will begin with 12th graders and move along the line down to middle school. 8-9 pm this evening. Please print the linked document before the presentation as you will want to refer to it. See you in just a couple of hours.

Free College Admissions Webinar -- What you can do now

Free webinar on college admissions, and how the current situation with Covid-19 will likely impact the upcoming college admissions cycle. High school students, find out what you can be doing now to work towards your admissions!