Adrian Cornelius

Registrar, University of Maryland

"I first crossed paths with Julia Ross in the spring of 2019 at the American Association for College Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) National Conference in Los Angeles. Julia had just finished an excellent presentation on retention, a topic critical to us in the registrar arena. Shortly thereafter, I sat down with Julia to review Professional Tutoring’s College Selection Decision Matrix with over 40,000 data points. Julia’s knowledge of college admissions and the inner workings of higher education astounded me. It is rare to find this level of expertise even among experienced admissions officers. The Professional Tutoring team’s retention record (graduation percentages) is well above the national average. The Official Julia Ross College Admissions Handbook will provide families, students, and even other admissions professionals with an outstanding guide to admissions from the first foray to choosing the best match."

Jim Bouse

Director of Technology, Associate Registrar, University of Oregon, Past President of AACRAO

"As the president of the American Association for College Registrars and Admissions Officers, I had the pleasure of attending Julia Ross’ seminar on recruitment and retention at the annual AACRAO Conference in California two years ago. Julia’s excellent presentation skills and quick wit made the 45-minute session fly by. Julia made important points that connected the first interaction between a college and a student and that student’s ultimate graduation. She gave examples and offered specific strategies for colleges to implement in recruitment and on campus to support students in earning a four-year degree in four years. Julia’s 20-plus years of experience in working in secondary and higher education are evident in every interaction with her. She is passionate and dedicated to her students and work."

Stewart McHie

Director, Master of Science in Business, The Catholic University of America

"As a business consultant, I was in a unique position to observe the holistic approach Professional Tutoring applies to preparing students for the next leg of their educational journey. I was impressed with the process they use and the learning systems they employ to guide junior high and high school students through tutoring situations and college preparation. The rigor with which they approach all phases of their products and the care and empathy shown to the students is truly commendable. I wish I had known Julia when my daughters were navigating these tricky waters."

Anita H. Garland

Dean of Admissions, Hampden-Sydney College

"To Whom It May Concern: As the Dean of Admissions at Hampden-Sydney College, I have had the pleasure of working with Julia Ross for several years. Throughout that time, Julia had introduced many young men to our small college, and her clients are always outstanding and well-prepared for the admissions process. The personal approach and detailed follow-up she offers her clients is unique and exceptionally helpful. She has truly distinguished herself as an asset to young people interested in higher education… Julia’s expertise really lies in her follow-up and execution. She calls our office regularly to check on the status of each applicant and to give us insight into their preferences and feelings. Julia guides each client individually, and it is clear that she has a personal interest invested in her clients to make sure that they attend the best college for their specific talents and personalities. I hold Julia Ross in high esteem. I would recommend her for any endeavor in the college-search business."

Heather Abrams

Assistant Director of Admissions, University of Pittsburgh

"To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter in recommendation of Julia Ross. Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of working closely with Julia as she aided her clients in the admissions process. Through my time in Admissions I have never found an independent counselor more dedicated and driven than Julia is to helping her students with the admissions process. This process can be a very daunting and stressful time for seniors, but Julia’s students always seem at ease because Julia has prepared them for every step of the process. Julia’s students are some of the most organized and professional students that I deal with every year. I look forward to receiving their Admissions documents because I know they will be correct and complete the first time around. Reading a resume prepared by one of her students is like reading the resume of an applicant for one of our full time jobs in admissions (and sometimes even better)! Through her help, her students make a fabulous first impression on any school which they apply to. I am confident that Julia can help your students in the same way that she has been able to help these students in the past. No matter what type of college, university, trade or technical school your students are planning on going to they will be fully prepared for what to expect throughout the process. Julia is one of the most dedicated representatives of students I have met. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns I can help you with."

Heather Ripley

PTSA Chairman of Programming at Robinson Secondary School

Seminar: "Getting into College with Julia Ross" – 350 + Parents and Students in Attendance! “Julia Ross and her top notch staff have an incredible wealth of knowledge that has successfully ushered many Northern Virginia students into great colleges across the country. Her passion is contagious and she is well informed on all the college journey topics that you must know as a parent or student. I have done tons of active research on the college process and yet, learned more in her 2 seminars than I did from all my 3 years of web surfing, reading, college visits, school counselor meetings and discussions with many college admission representatives. Thanks to Julia, I have learned the importance of such things as resumes, the perfect essay, personable contact, and the ability for all kids to find their own “fit.” I have attended 2 different seminars (one targeted to seniors and one targeted to all students on the college journey) in the last 2 years. I have also read her great guide book which has opened my son’s eyes to the many opportunities out there for all students – not just the IB track “stars” who have a 4.5 and perfect SAT scores. Julia’s seminars, unlike many I have been to in the past, are not “canned” and each included new up to date stats, information, and slides. I left each with new knowledge and the confidence that my son could use her process to make his dreams come true. I urge everyone to read her book, go hear her speak at one of her many seminars and learn more about the great journey ahead for our students. I promise you it is time well spent and you won’t regret it.”

Suksiri L.

Student, Class of 2019

"I’ve done SAT prep with a different tutoring service where my tutor literally would just read the explanations off the back of the book! I’m so grateful that my mom and I came across Mrs.Ross’s tutoring service because she is simply the best! We were worried at first that I wouldn’t get as much help because the sessions are not one on one, but I actually really like the group setting! Everyone is always so friendly and Mrs.Ross always makes sure to check on every single one of us throughout each session. Sometimes, we even feed ideas off of each other which is always nice! Mrs.Ross is SO very friendly, welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable!!! She makes sure to work out each problem that I need help with and offers tips and tricks on how to approach similar types of problems. I feel that I will be a lot more prepared for my next SAT because of her!!"

Karenna O.

Student, Class of 2017

"I am a student at Julia Ross' Professional Tutoring, and I must say that it has been the best academic decision that I have made in all four years of high school. As a junior, I faced a lot of trouble with advanced mathematics, so I sought out Julia and immediately saw improvement in project, quiz, and test scores. Without her assistance, I could not have attained the grades that I did. Additionally, Julia helped me to prepare for both the SAT and ACT, and left me feeling completely prepared for the examinations. Julia is the perfect tutor for every student, because she is personable and interacts with the student in a manner that is comfortable for them specifically. If a student is introverted, she knows how to reach out, and if a student is extroverted, she knows how to reign them in. Moreover, I was stunned by her knowledge of pretty much every subject under the sun. Initially, I thought she might specialize in one or two subjects, but I immediately saw her extensive knowledge of mathematics, languages, and humanities. And boy, does Julia know about colleges! The information and aid that I gained through talking to her and enrolling in her College Coaching program is priceless. I have had a wide range of tutors before Julia Ross, and I can say that I am certain she is the best at her trade in Northern Virginia (if not Virginia, the United States, the world)."

Gina G.


"As a military family, we moved to VA from overseas the beginning of my daughter's senior year. We were anxious to find an SAT/ACT tutor quickly because this service was not available to us overseas. I contacted and interviewed Ms Ross and a larger, more expensive "chain" tutoring firm. Ms Ross' tutoring package was more economical and seemed to be more tailored to my daughter's needs. She had taken both tests previously and scored in the good range but not high enough for any type of merit scholarship and not up to her potential. We decided on the small group SAT weekly prep because it fit into our schedule better. My daughter was reluctant to attend at first, thinking she could study on her own and not have to interact with other students. Moving your senior year is very emotional. I encouraged her to attend and after a few sessions she made friends in the study group, began to interact in the group question and answers, and developed trust and respect for Ms Ross. End result....SAT went from 1180 to 1290 and ACT went from 27 to 31! Clearly the critical thinking skills and review of math and language rules improved scores on both tests. In addition to the score improvements, we received timely and wise advise on the college application process and even on how to choose the best "fit" college for our daughter. Ms Ross' counseling services were an added bonus! We are very happy with the investment we made in Ms Ross' tutoring and we highly recommend her company."

John S.


"Our high school student was struggling to keep up with honors algebra and was hovering between a D and C (and sometimes lower) and was so completely frustrated. We waited far too long to get him a tutor. After only six sessions, he started feeling much more confident with the material, has done well on more recent tests, and he got a 600 on the algebra SOL! I wish we had come to Mrs. Ross much sooner. He loves coming to tutoring. She is kind and approachable, and I only wish we had come to her sooner."

Kim M.


"Julia and her team are helpful, organized and prepared to help your children succeed in their quest to get into college. Both of my daughters took Julia’s SAT prep course and improved their scores by a margin even larger than anticipated. In addition, they both learned important test taking skills that can be applied to any class in high school or college. My oldest daughter also utilized some of Julia’s college coaching services. As I quickly learned, the college admissions process is COMPLETELY different than when I applied. And Julia’s team provided the advice, suggestions and attention to detail that kept us on track. Julia helped us very successfully navigate the complicated world of merit aid/scholarship/research fellows as my oldest daughter entered college. If you have kids in high school, strongly consider both SAT prep and college coaching."

Margot S.


"I wish I had known about Julia's services when my son was in high school, but better late than never. We hired Cathy Withers on her staff to help him pull up his grades in college but more importantly, to learn how to organize his time and study efficiently. He has ADHD and has been super resistant to any kind of help. After struggling for a few years, he finally conceded. Cathy's guidance has had a big impact on his grades and his academic confidence. We have also hired Julia for college coaching with our younger son and that is going very well. He is getting help selecting schools that will be a good fit for him, putting together a resume and will be doing practice interviews with her. The college selection and admissions process is overwhelmingly complicated and Julia breaks it down into manageable pieces and offers support along the way. The services are expensive, but well worth it."

Betsy M.


"My husband and I made the realization early in our son's junior year that we were ill-equipped for the college preparation and search. Based on a friend's experience and positive recommendation, we met with Julia Ross of Professional Tutoring. Not only was our initial consultation highly educational, it was eye-opening to us as parents and even more so to our son. We were correct in our assumption that we were vastly unaware of how to adequately prepare ourselves and our son for post-high school life. Coming from the heavily saturated high achievers of Northern Virginia, we needed every bit of guidance provided in order for our son to even be considered at the highly competitive colleges and universities he was qualified for and interested in pursuing. From increasing AP rigor, SAT prep, preparing for the SAT Subject tests, seeking a summer internship, creating a resume, maneuvering the Common App, prepping for and surviving mock (and real) interviews, receiving researched merit aid possibilities, and attending essay writing courses, he has almost completed his time with Professional Tutoring. Our end result for our son has been acceptance, Early Decision, to a highly competitive out-of-state private university. It was a tremendous effort on our son's part but totally manageable, made that way by Professional Tutoring. Ms. Ross and her staff are top-notch and make what has become a mind-blowing process, all the more attainable."

P.K. C.

Student, Class of 2018

"Mrs. Ross is hands down one of the best people you will ever encounter. My junior year I was having issues with pre-calc and heard about Professional Tutoring, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Within no time my grade had shot up almost two whole letter grades and I was signing up for her ACT/SAT prep course as well. Mrs. Ross cares for each individual student beyond just the classroom which is what separates her from every other tutor out there. She makes sure everything is going alright in your personal life as well as getting to know you. She has the best snacks and drinks in her cottage (which is where the learning happens). If you need anything else to eat or drink she will make sure you get what you need so you are able to stay focused on the task at hand. My family and I were so pleased with my success due to Mrs. Ross that my sister who is currently going into her junior year is starting to work with her. Mrs. Ross will never fail to put a smile on your face, greet you with a hug and help you through all your academic weaknesses/problems and push you do to your best. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for Mrs. Ross in my corner pushing me to do my best and helping me along the way."

Lisa G.


"Parents, if you're looking for some inside scoop on Julia Ross P.T.'s incredible tutoring services, then look no further. I'm a mom of two, preparing to tackle a 2nd college degree. I knew that I needed to brush up on some math for my entrance exams and Julia Ross and her team came highly recommended by many parents in my area. Even with the glowing reviews, and a few phone conversations and email exchanges with Julia, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I can say that once I began working with her, I was immediately floored by her knowledge and resources, by the fluidity with which she moved between students and subjects and by her rapport with her young clients. She can connect and motivate in ways that we, as parents, often find challenging and she explains a variety subjects with an ease and clarity that gives students the much needed confidence to tackle material on their own. Her team was responsive and equally as easy to work with. As a busy working mom, I found that there was never a hassle with scheduling and billing and there always seemed to be a group available to slide into when extra help was needed. Julia's intellectual property and experience can't possibly be quantified -- it's invaluable. Parents should rest assured that they're absolutely getting their money's worth and more when working with Julia and her team."



"Julia and her team are wonderful! We've been with Professional Tutoring for several years. She truly understands the individual motivations behind each child. She worked with one of our daughters through middle school and all through high school and was instrumental in not just tutoring, but SAT prep, and the entire college application and interview process. Julia and her team work with the kids at individual level to build understanding of the school subject; and to help the kids grow confidence in themselves. Our youngest child is now with Professional Tutoring and receiving the same great service and preparation for high school and specific subject area tutoring as our first! Highly recommend! It's an environment where kids enjoy learning! You'll be pleased with the results!"

Kylee H.

Student, Class of 2019

“Mrs. Ross and Ms. Knitzer are the best! They made SAT/ACT Prep Class enjoyable and interesting! We worked/learned on vocabulary, grammar, and math from her very own "Conquering The SAT and ACT Exam" book! The book was very informative and included many helpful problems and advice. We worked in small groups so that we got more individualized attention and help. My score increased for 1170 to 1430 with a essay score of 19!! I loved the class and experience so much that I now intern and help tutor the new SAT/ACT Prep class. Cannot recommend Professional Tutoring enough!”

Michael A.


“All of my kids have signed up for Julia Ross' tutoring in some form or fashion over the years. My daughter participated in the college prep course and after several weeks of crafting her resume and essays, she was admitted to her first choice school. My son needed some assistance with his ACT/SAT prep and his scores improved by more than 40% and he is also in his first choice school. Now my youngest needed some extra assistance with a couple subjects in high school and has been receiving help in Chemistry and Algebra as well as working on his homework skills. When I asked him about his first session, he told me, "it was perfect and I finished all my homework and I started working ahead." I've never seen him this excited about homework. Thanks to Julia Ross and her team for all the support and encouragement that have provided my family.”

Flynn H.

Student, Class of 2018

"Since my first day with Mrs. Ross, she has helped me improve my grades and to improve my knowledge in subjects such as Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc. The way she tutors keeps me focused but the environment is still light-hearted and fun at the same time! I'm also in her SAT/ACT prep class on Sunday evenings and in the first couple of classes that we have had, my vocabulary and writing skills have already improved. My older brother also took tutoring, test prep, and college coaching. He is now at LSU studying petroleum engineering. My younger sister did well in tutoring for math and French too."

John B.

Student, Class of 2017

"I started tutoring in 8th grade and am now in my senior year of high school. I've been accepted to Hampden-Sydney College Early Decision and will be attending there next year. I would never have been able to get into a good college or even pass school or transfer to my current school (that I love) without the help of Mrs.Ross. She's like family to me and I can proudly say that she is the greatest tutor in the world, yeah that's right."

Mike K.


"My daughters have been attending Professional Tutoring for several years now and it has made a dramatic improvement in their academic performance. Mrs. Ross is very attentive to her students and tailors their study and review to their specific needs. As a result, my daughters have improved in virtually every area of study and have become interested in topics they previously were not. Mrs. Ross also helps with college placement and has a wealth of knowledge on techniques for getting into colleges of choice. Professional Tutoring comes highly recommended by me!"

Robin H.

Retired U.S. Navy Captain, Senior Program Manager of a Fortune 1000 Company

"One would think that with two graduate degrees from M.I.T. and 30 years of program management experience in both the military and private sector, that I would be able to guide my teenage daughter through the college admissions process in an organized and fairly seamless process. That is until one considers the teenage part of the equation. Julia Ross’ college admissions handbook, Getting into College with Julia Ross:Finding the Right Fit and Making it Happen, saved me. This well-written book outlines the steps to college admissions with well-developed time-lines, easy to read chapters with examples and kid-friendly writing. I am forever grateful; it has been a tough year and would recommend this book to any parent or student entering the college admissions process."

Ralph L.


"As my son entered his junior year at Lake Braddock Secondary School, I enrolled him in Julia Ross’s SAT Prep Course based on very high recommendations from several neighbors whose kids had also take Julia’s classes. My son scored well on his SATs, and our entire family was so impressed with Julia and her vast experience working with kids with different backgrounds and different college admissions needs that we subsequently enrolled him in Julia’s College Coaching program. This turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done for my son as Julia’s program is a systematic, whole-person approach to not only getting into college but, most importantly, to getting into the right college for each student based on their individual desires, test scores, grades, activities, etc. I also had Julia help us with our US Army ROTC Scholarship application as well. During my son’s senior year, he was selected as a National US Army ROTC Scholarship Winner after he had applied to and was accepted at numerous schools, eventually choosing to attend Auburn University in Alabama. Auburn was Julia’s top recommendation for him, and he is succeeding exceptionally well there both academically and socially. I cannot say enough about Julia’s experience and expertise helping kids with various academic backgrounds and needs, and her systematic approach toward getting kids into the right schools for them as individuals is truly exceptional."

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