TUTORING: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the staff qualifications?

Staff qualifications are located here.

Do you work with students from a variety of local schools?

Yes! We work with students from all over the country, and primarily in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We have the pleasure of working with students from public, private day and boarding schools and those who are home-schooled students. Students have the choice to work with us in-person or virtually as location and circumstances require.

Do you offer PSAT courses?

Yes, within the SAT/ACT programs, and also within the tutoring environment.

Do you offer GRE/GMAT/LSAT preparation courses?

Yes, within the tutoring environment.

Should parents attend any of these sessions with their students?

Our tutoring staff works collaboratively with both parents and students to make sure that we are surrounding each student with the support they need. We will keep you fully informed of your child’s progress and welcome your feedback at any time. However, students should attend tutoring sessions without a parent.

What if there is a difficult student in the class that is distracting to the other learners?

Professional Tutoring is committed to an effective and enriching learning environment for all students. Most students respond very positively and excel in this environment. In rare cases, a student’s behavior might be considered “difficult” and if it is a distraction to the other students, we will work closely with the student and parents to determine the cause of the behavior, and implement a solution. If the distracting behavior continues we will recommend alternative solutions outside of Professional Tutoring.

Are students ever asked to leave the programs?

This is rare, but if a student has to leave one of our programs, we work with the student and parents to find a suitable alternative solution outside of Professional Tutoring LLC.

What are your rates/prices?

Our tutoring registration form, which can be filled out online here or downloaded as a PDF here, lists all of our billing policies and hourly/monthly rates.

Julia Ross tutoring four teenage students in math, SAT & ACT, at the Professional Tutoring Cottage.