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Our students are hard workers, but they have fun too! Below are some of our favorite silly moments with the students.


Overheard in Tutoring Sessions


Geometry Story
Junior Geometry Student: A six-sided polygon is a SEXAGON, right?


Math Test Story
Senior Pre-Calculus Student: Boy my pre-calculus test was hard. Well, actually, the first two halves were okay. It was the third half that was really hard!
Mrs. Ross (tutor): So, it was a test and a half, huh?
Senior Pre-Calculus Student: Yes, it really was.


Love Story
Junior SAT Prep Student: Mrs. Ross, what do you do when your boyfriend tells you that he loves you?
Senior Student: Get out of the back seat and RUN!!


English Story
Student 1: I heard that Chung was hanging out with Tiffany this weekend.
Student 2: (Chung’s girlfriend): With who??!!!
Mrs. Ross: Whom.
Student 2: What?
Mrs. Ross: Whom (emphasizing the “m” in the objective pronoun)
Student 2: Whoma? Is she Vietnamese too????


Snow Story
Freshman Student: It is supposed to snow a lot tonight. Anyone know how much?
Senior Pre-Calculus Student: Yeah, 8 to 5 inches!